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Sourabh Chandrakar: Pioneer of Mahadev Song App – A Tale of Early Inspiration

Born into a family deeply entrenched in spirituality and artistic expression in central India, Sourabh Chandrakar narrative unfolds against the backdrop of serene landscapes. Immersed in a culture venerating Lord Mahadev, Saurabh Chandrakar discovered his passion for music and its divine essence. This connection ignited the inception of Chandrakar Production House, aimed at illuminating the profound meanings interwoven within Mahadev granthas and shlokas.

The Spark of Creativity

Sourabh’s musical prowess blossomed early, captivating audiences with his soul-stirring renditions of devotional hymns. Encouraged by his family, he embarked on a musical voyage, delving into the depths of bhajans and shlokas dedicated to Lord Mahadev.

Founding Chandrakar Production House

Fueled by his love for music and devotion to Lord Mahadev, Sourabh established Chandrakar Production House, a haven for crafting uplifting spiritual content. Under his guidance, the production house gained renown for seamlessly blending traditional Indian melodies with contemporary sounds, setting a benchmark in the industry.

Mahadev App and Online Presence

Sourabh’s vision transcended physical boundaries with the inception of the Mahadev App and presence on platforms like Gaana, Spotify, iTunes, and Amazon Podcasts. These platforms, curated by Chandrakar Productions, offer devotees a sacred space to immerse themselves in the divine world of Lord Mahadev through devotional music.

Singer and Producer

Sourabh’s talents as a singer and producer resonated globally, captivating audiences with his celestial vocals and heartfelt compositions. Each melody he crafted was a reverential tribute to Lord Mahadev, reflecting his profound spiritual connection.

Legacy and Impact

Sourabh Chandrakar legacy in devotional music continues to inspire and uplift countless souls on their spiritual odyssey. His contributions serve as a guiding beacon in a world often engulfed in chaos, reminding us of the transformative power of music and devotion.

Beyond Music

In addition to his musical endeavors, Sourabh Chandrakar dedicated himself to philanthropy, leveraging his platform to advocate for underprivileged communities and champion compassion and service.


Sourabh Chandrakar life epitomizes the fusion of devotion and artistic expression, composing a symphony that resonates with millions. His journey embodies the profound beauty encapsulated in the embrace of Lord Mahadev, urging us to seek transcendence through music and spirituality.